Music at IHM

The IHM Adult Choir will begin rehearsals on Tuesday, September 4th at 7:30 pm in the choir loft.  Rehearsals are usually an hour long, a bit more in preparation for holidays/special liturgies.  Do not be afraid to join us if you have never had any training in music; our rehearsals will prepare you to participate in the Mass in this very special capacity.  If you have the desire to sing and the ability to carry a tune you will have all that is needed to be a part of the wonderful experience of choral singing.  The adult choir sings weekly at the 10:30am Mass.  Won’t you consider giving the gift of your voice to the Lord?

The IHM Children’s choir will hold it’s first meeting on Tuesday, October 2nd from 6:30pm to 7 pm in the choir loft.  The choir will be open to students in grades 3-8.  They will be singing on Sundays at the 9am Mass beginning October 7, 2018  –Dr. Laurie Adamo